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                    Home / About / Reliable quality assurance

                    Reliable quality assurance

                    We import the advanced ARL spectrometer in 2001 from Switzerland, which used for raw materials and cooperation part&lsquo;s analysis, we purchase the international advanced level valves and faucets life testing machines, the whole physical and mechanical testing equipment, we have the advanced and high &ndash;precision and professional metal process machines 400 sets, such as Italian heating press machine, gravity casting machine and Toshiba casting machine, there are 58sets of advanced testing equipments or checking assembly line, equipped with 26 piece standard machines, we acquired ISO9002 certificate on 1994, we make the whole sets of strict process control documents on raw materials procurement, product design, parts processing, performance testing, packaging and other aspects. we not only got ISO9001and ISO14001 certificates, but also gained AS3688, AS3718, AS-MP52 and CE certificates of product quality in 2001,some of products achieved UL and KS certificates, the product dispatch from the factory &lsquo;s qualification rate is 100%, the export commodity inspection qualification rate is 100%.

                    In October 2004, Ningbo Quality Supervision and Inspection institute of products quality, put the "Sanitary products testing Center of Ningbo" locate in the AMICO company's testing room; this is best case to prove our company's testing ability.


                    ISO9001 Certificate

                    Certificate No: 4004Q12611R0M
                               Date: Nov 12 2012
                               Valid until:Nov  11 2013
                               Range: Design, Production and After-Services of Valves, Piping Fittings, Basins, Toilet Bowls,Sanitary Appliances, Taps and Hardwares that the Nominal Dimensions are 400mm and Smaller.
                               Reference: Issued by the CCIC Conformity Accessment Services Co.,Ltd.

                    ISO14001 Certificate

                    Certificate No: 4004E10023R0M
                               Date: Nov 12 2010
                               Valid until: Nov 11 2013
                               Range: Valves,Copper Alloy Tube fittings.Sanitary Appliances, Water Meters,Valves Used for Basins and Toilet Bowls,Taps, Fittings that the Norminal Dimensions are 400mm and Smaller Manufactured and Managed .
                               Reference: Issued by the CCIC Conformity Accessment Services Co.,Ltd.

                    WaterMark License

                    Certificate No: 21693
                               Date: June 22 2009
                               Valid until: June 21 2014
                               Range: Valves - miscellaneous types metallic and non-metallic (ball, butterfly, diaphragm, globe, plug, landing valves etc.)
                               Reference: Issued by the CCIC Conformity Accessment Services Co.,Ltd.

                    WaterMark License

                    Certificate No: 20229
                               Date: June 22 2009
                               Valid until: June 21 2014
                               Range: AS/NZS 3718:2005 Water Supply Tapware 
                               Reference: Issued by the CCIC Conformity Accessment Services Co.,Ltd.


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